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Who is Bazza Design?

Bazza Design is me – Barry Hutzel.  I offer over 31 years of outstanding design experience in large corporate and small consultancy environments, managing creative teams and handling individual projects and product design.  I am a process driven designer with a proven track record for design success.  This is success not only measured in quality of appearance and features but also measured in economic terms.  Several of my designs have sold in the millions of products made, helping businesses I have worked for become successful strategically and financially. 

Throughout all my experiences, I have managed many product and graphic design projects not only from the creative side but also from the business/project management side.  Accurate quotation, timing, budget, resource planning and delivery combined with creativity and innovation make my design work exceptional and cost effective. 

Design Process

I have managed many substantial product development programs from the Industrial and Graphic Design side as well as the business side: initial quotation, timing, budget, resource planning and delivery of exceptional designs. 

I combine my design/business perspective with a proven product development process that produces amazing results.  My four phase creative design process is simple.                              

1 - Research  

2 - Concept

3 - Refinement

4 - Finalize

Investing in this process increases sales and produces ground breaking designs that set standards in the industry. 

Why Work With Me?

Everyone has a process.  Everyone can sketch concepts.  Everyone can deliver hot renderings.  So why work with me?      

The answer is threefold:

First – I have over 31 years of experience in automotive, product, graphic, and brand identity design - creating successful award winning, patentable, high quality designs for world wide corporations.  What makes me different and desirable by my clients is my ability to seamlessly and efficiently integrate - into one source - Industrial Design, Program Management, Brand Identity and Graphic Design.  I am just as comfortable creating a corporate identity as I am designing your next amazing product design offering.  In addition, I am aligned with prototyping, engineering, and production resources, so coordinating a project from concept to prototype build is no problem.

Second – I have managed corporate and consultant studios, so I am hardwired to blend creativity and innovation with practical and successful program delivery. 

Third –  I value a good working relationship.  Life is too short not to enjoy what you do and who you do it with.   My working relationships are as important as my results.  By working with Bazza Design, you can tap into a broad range of talent from one person and have an enjoyable experience in the process. 

Collaborative Network

It is true I am only one Industrial Designer but I am capable of scaling my operations through key collaborations with Engineering Firms, Model Making/Prototype Firms, Rapid Prototype Firms and other Industrial Designers that I have close relationships with.  If needed I can assemble a formidable product development team to handle most any project scale.

Featured Projects:

GameChanger drone shot front view.jpgGameChanger LED Sports Lighting System

By combining over 30 years of focused sports lighting experience with the latest LED technology, I helped Qualite develop a sports lighting system that is a true GameChanger™! Designed for HDTV broadcasting, digital photography and slow-motion recording of fast paced sports lighting venues from professional to recreational levels. With enhanced glare mitigation and specialized beam shapes we are able to paint the playing surface with smooth light and keep your neighbors dark and happy.  Bazza design was instrumental in setting the form factor direction that led to the creation of a revolutionary horizontal rectangular bar shape that not only sets the design apart from the competition but has better performance characteristics leading to needing less units per poll.


I worked with Qualite in every facet of this design release including several brochures and flyers as handouts.  I also managed photography and video of the product during its first installation.  The resulting video can be seen here:  


Namaste Task light 1.jpgNamaste                     

Say hello with light                                           

Namaste - It is a customary greeting when individuals meet, and a valediction upon their parting .  As it is most commonly used, Namaste is roughly equivalent to "greetings" or "good day," in English, implicitly with the connotation "to be well". As opposed to shaking hands, kissing or embracing each other in other cultures, Namaste is a non-contact form of respectful greeting and can be used universally while meeting a person of different gender, age or social status.

So it’s only appropriate that a new light design with a host of features greets you every day with warmth and is your last task before leaving for home.


Features include:

- High powered LEDs for efficient/sustainable advantages.

- Warm and cool color options

- LED arm rotates 360 degrees

- LED light bar extension for longer range of coverage

- Wireless charging surface for your phone

- Occupancy sensor

- Dim control

Ergo Impact Footrest for sit_stand furniture.jpgErgonomic Foot Rest

Bazza Design provided design support for the development of ideas and concepts for a foot rest that would work in concert with Ergo Impact's new sit-stand-lean chair – LeanRite™.                  

The foot rest concepts are based  on the existing multi-level “proof of concept” model that Ergo Impact originally created before getting Bazza Design involved. 

With Bazza Design - Ergo Impact considered designs that look like they belong with Lean Right providing high function and keeping in mind part count, assembly method and cost associated with the concepts created.

10T model complete.458.jpgChiller Design

Dimplex Thermal Solutions approached Bazza Design with the simple request to help them re-design and re-configure their basic chiller lines, starting with their 10 and 20 ton units.  Dimplex wanted to look into standardizing construction methods between units, possible integration of components, modularize the design for expansion of design to larger configurations and create a new look that would start to set them apart from their competition.  Chillers are known for being pretty “industrial” in their look and Dimplex’s models are no exception.  The goal was to create strong looking designs that would be a step beyond other designs in terms of look, assembly and cost.  


Modello Chair.jpgTask Chair

Modello USA was needing to develop a unique task chair with their partner in Hong Kong.  They had a concept created but needed someone to translate the design in 3D accurately.  They called on Bazza Design to help them with this substantial task.  All 3D excluding adjustment mechanisms and star base was created in a collaborative fashion with Modello USA and delivered for creation of the tooled design.

wireless_charger_for_web_1.jpgWireless Charging Station for Automotive Application

Fulton Innovation (a division of Amway) was looking for someone to help coordinate the look and feel of a show property they planned to build and display at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2011.  Bazza Design was selected to help coordinate the design and integration of Fulton’s e-coupled wireless charging capability into automotive instrument panel.  Working along side of Fulton’s engineers and model makers Bazza Design defined and refined a wireless charging station for use in a Tesla Roadster.  Using Fulton’s patented wireless charging technology Bazza Design developed a linear unit that conveniently fit into the storage rail that was part of the instrument panel.  The charging station could fit just about any sized phone or MP3 player in one compartment and a Bluetooth ear bud in an adjacent compartment.  The feature, when paired with wireless charging devices like cell phones and or i-pod like products, allows for easy charging of a device without plugging it into a wired scenario.


Fluorescent Assay Visualizer 

Omega Medical and DCN Diagnostics approached Bazza Design with a need to refine this new concept as a hand held medical device.  Some basic 3D was created by Omega to prove out their concept but they realized that they needed to work out the form in a ergonomic way that was comfortable to the hand and was sized correctly to personally carry.  The final result is pictued above. 


CES Exhibit Design

Fulton Innovation (a division of Amway) asked Bazza Design to help in the development of their trade show exhibit for the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  The focus of the show was going to be a Tesla Roadster electric vehicle.  The Tesla  was going to be charged wirelessly from a “parking spot” in a modern parking garage setting.  The initial concepts of the exhibit included full scale 3D layouts of the vehicle and other exhibit elements in block form.  Sketches of refined ideas were then created to explore interesting variations.  Informational video monitors, parking garage  and graphic visual elements were brought together to create an exciting and inviting center piece to the exhibit.  The final design incorporated many of the concept suggestions put forth by Bazza Design.

methode_Vehicle_in_exhibit_space_2.jpgAutomotive Concept Model in 3D

Methode, a maker of automotive controls (based in Detroit), contracted Bazza Design to concept, create in 3D and render an full electric vehicle interior and exterior to be used on Methode’s Website to illustrate the wide range of product and design capability Methode has in the automotive industry.  Starting with the basic scan of a Chevy Volt, I was able to re-skin the complete exterior to look unique and build the interior from the new outer skin.  Renderings were then specified for color, materials, POV and lighting.  Color choices were geared to a specific color pallet that Methode planned to use in their Website color scheme.  Final output was then augmented with call-outs specifying all the different automotive components that Methode currently can offer.

Omega_medical_device.jpgHand Held Medical Device

Omega Medical  needed to “spruce up” a concept they had for a women’s medical biopsy medical devise.  The mechanical concept was figured out and protected with patents but the device shape and features were considered too generic looking and not ergonomically appropriate for both left and right handed doctors.  Bazza Design was asked to look into creating a more suitable shape that would fit the hand comfortably, not be “handed”, would be able to perform the procedure in multiple ways and have a softer, friendlier medical looking form.  Bazza Design also was tasked with creating 3D CAID for the final form and oversaw the creation of prototype models.  The design concepts were shown to a collective of doctors which in turn gave vital feedback at check points in the design process.  The end result (pictured right) is currently in tooling and will be submitted for FDA approval in the fall of 2011.

Livewell_logo.jpgGHSP Benifits Wellness Logo and Branding

GHSP is a manufacturer of  Shift Systems, Electronic Controls, and Smart Actuators for the automotive and appliance industries.   Bazza Design was asked to help define GHSP’s new identity for their benefits group.  Goals of the program was to create a new identity for the group that reflected the three areas of attention the group puts emphasis on.  A name search established “LiveWell” as the name to be used in the identity. 

 A few final designs of choice were refined and an ultimate selection was made to represent the group.  To finalize the design and it’s brand, a branding guide was created to manage the usage of the logo and application of the logo on a series of give-away items.

GRSS_grouping.jpgGRSS Corporate Brochure

Grand Rapids Spring & Stamping had not had a new promotional brochure in over 10 years.  They asked Bazza Design to help them create a cost effective, versatile and modern looking hand out that would show every aspect of the company’s product lines and their unique approach to manufacturing.  The solution became a series of ‘flier” like inserts with matching folder.  The folder gave GRSS the flexibility they wanted to add or subtract components to customize what they might give a customer. 

faurecia_seating_for_web.jpgConcept Automotive Seating

Project Brief:Was responsible for the creation of the seat  cushions  and headrest class A surface and photorealistic renderings.  

Concept Description:The design featured plastic seats with ultra thin backrests and thin, high-performance seat cushions reflecting sports-shoe technology, offer comfort, safety, lower weight, recyclability, spaciousness and a new level of design freedom in the interior cabin.

Injection-molded headrests and advanced seat tracks shrink weight and add safety features.

Light Attitude seats are nearly 15 % lighter than conventional seats overall.

mapdome_light.jpgFord Automotive Map Dome Lighting

Donnelly Corporation was asked to create a series of lighting products for the Ford Motor Company that reduced Ford’s lighting part numbers from fifty different interior overhead lighting products down to seven part numbers for all Ford vehicles.  The map dome lamp shown here is one of the three that I helped design for Donnelly.  Donnelly produced the lights for Ford vehicles that needed map reading and dome light features for the interior of their vehicles.  The designs was cost effective (minimal parts), all lens design (no color match needed), and exceeded the light output specifications for Ford vehicles.  The lamps are still used in Ford cars, trucks, SUV’s and crossover’s today. 

Tiara_seat.jpgBoat Fold Out Seating

Tiara Yachts was in need of a new type of fold seating for one of their large luxury boats.  At the time current folding canvas seats and other jump seat designs were considered too flimsy and not up to Tiara quality standards for a boat that goes for $500,000 or more.  My job was to improve the design over the current canvas foldout to provide occasional seating that was more up to Tiara quality standards for stability, fit and finish. It had to seat two, fold neatly into a specific space and have the minimum capability to hold 2 – two hundred pound people.  I coordinated the design with one other designer and  an engineer to work through the overall form with the proper kinematics that met the folding requirement of the project.  In the process of design we were able to incorporate a enclosed standing leg to support the weight and two cup holders (an added bonus).  When stowed the seat allowed for fishing of the back of the boat.

IDSA_newsletter.jpgIDSA - Michigan Newsletter Special Edition

 As newsletter editor for the Michigan Chapter of IDSA, I was responsible for the creation of the chapter’s newsletters. This special issue was an  “annual product design review” version of the newsletter.  I solicited new product design submissions from Michigan designers to be published in the issue.  With those submissions the design layout was created to emphasize the features of the products. Cost being a concern, the newsletter was printed in only two colors, but utilized two matching recycled paper stock colors to add a richness to the design at no extra charge. The issue was an award winning design featured in the design book:  Graphic Design on a Limited Budget.

LM_6_for_web.jpgRear View Mirror with Added Features

Donnelly Corporation realized in the early 90’s that its current lighted mirror products had some basic flaws and they were also being challenged for cost by the current big three automakers.  The response to the challenge was to develop a rear view mirror with map reading lights that offered better lighting output, recognizable on/off switching in the front face, the ability to add other features like microphones and specialized lighting - all for few dollars less than the current Donnelly products in the lighted mirror category.  As lead designer, I was instrumental not only for the integration of esthetics and features of the mirror, but assisted Donnelly engineering in reducing the cost of the design for less part count and ease of assembly.  It became a  multi-patented design that was mass produced yearly in the millions.

IDSA_Michigan_newsletter_-_Special_Issue2.jpgIDSA Michigan Newsletter - Special Edition

As newsletter editor for the Michigan Chapter of IDSA, I was responsible for the creation of the chapter’s newsletters. This special issue was an  “annual product design review” version of the newsletter.  I solicited new product design submissions from Michigan designers to be published in the issue.  With those submissions the design layout was created to emphasize the features of the products. Cost being a concern, the newsletter was printed in only two colors, but utilized two matching recycled paper stock colors to add a richness to the design at no extra charge. 

waste_cart.jpgOrganics Waste Cart

Project Brief:Based on market trends and needs – Cascade Cart Solutions was seeking a product design answer to the growing industry of organic waste collection.  With Waste Management and Harvest Power planning on launching 40-50 composting facilities, Cascade Cart Solutions identified this event as a genuine opportunity to enter the organics collection sector with a clear design answer to the unique needs and design issues that comes with offering an organics container. 

 Bazza Design was selected to work with Cascade to help define and shape design direction for a new organics cart that met a series of co-developed criteria, leading to a releasable design for production.  Initial conversations on possible design criteria established the need for research investigation on a variety of fronts .  In response to that need, Bazza Design looked at specific components of cart design and then ultimately helped set a design criteria list.  The criteria list was used by Bazza Design in the creative design process for Cascade’s desire to offer a industry leading organics cart. 

Hutzel_Christmas_Card.jpgHand Made Hutzel Christmas Card

I produce a hand made Christmas Card every year.  The 1996 version  became a faux corporate annual report complete with a letter from the CEO and a review of the “Hutzel Corporate Events”.  The design was featured in the juried book  Black & White and Two Color Design andthe design competition publication Design Sense -Graphic Design on a Limited Budget. 


Aftermarket LED Lighting

Hamsar is a Toronto based producer of lighting for the aftermarket, marine and heavy equipment industry.  While working at Tiger Studio, I was part of a design team that was asked to design a light that would fit a product niche in Hamsar’s LED offerings.  The LED design that was developed was to be used in heavy equipment applications including coal mining rigs and front end loaders.  Its versatility made it easily adaptable to four wheel vehicles, off road vehicles, trucks and long term lighting usage situations like walk in refrigeration environments.

The design criteria included:

- Versatile mounting

- More aggressive/rugged appearance

- Unique look in the market

- Plastic bezel and metal shell construction

- Ability to support various LED configurations

- Heat sink capability built into the design

 Meeting all these criteria - the design was released in the fall of 2008 and has been a strong seller for Hamsar.Shown with permission from Hamsar.


Cleats For Kids Identity

Cleats For Kids is a free “collect and share” program dedicated to gathering and distributing gently used soccer equipment for kids in need. It was the brainchild of the women on the Warmones Women’s Soccer Team of Holland, MI. As players and parents with children in the sport, it was apparent that a lot of soccer clothing and equipment is either outgrown, or has lost its usefulness to the requirements of a more specific age group. Most unused soccer clothing and equipment is in the back of the closet or down in the basement – still in very good condition!  CFK has provided their free service to local and international kids in need alike. 

Bazza Design was asked to update CFK’s image and freshen the design to look current with today’s sports logos.  CFK asked to hold over the “kicking girl” image they had been using in the old logo.  It was viewed as a must for managing their brand image to the next level.  Board members had gone as far as to tattoo the graphic on their bodies so this was an important element to maintain in the new design.  The  only other detail requested was that I use the color red in the design.  The following was the results of the project. 


TEDx_Macatawa_2013_small.jpgTEDxMacatawa Events

I was one of the event leaders helping program and manage the 2012 and 2013 TEDxMacatawa events that were held in Holland, Michigan . Specifically managing the catering, and working closely with 3 facilities to achieve an excellent food experience for the day. I also assisted with the brand identity of the event.  I specifically designed and managed the build of the branded stage sign and the iconic red, four foot "X's" (shown in the photo) that stood outside the venue and were strategically placed throughout the day to help way-find from one location to the next.

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